Filipino With Tattoos Takes Young White Dick

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Title: Filipino With Tattoos Takes Young White Dick
Description: How do we find our models? Often times, we have guys who are fuck buds, co-workers, fellow students, or those who just like our site, and want to record and share a naughty fantasy for our very select and discriminating members. Some of you may sit there and say, "Oh, such stories can't be true!" Well, they are. Sebastian age 19, works for a fast food chain in New Mexico. Gil, is a college boy in Berkeley, California. Both guys had applied to model for the site and each described a desired partner that, fit the other's bill of goods petty closely. We brought them both in by air, but Gil, working late on a school project, fell asleep and missed his flight, the last one of the night. So... he arrived on the first flight in the AM , JUST in time for his photo and video shoot! These poor guys did not have time for so much as a venti at Starbucks, before they where hard, naked, and asking each other their real names!! Sometimes, raw, unplanned, spur of the of the moment sex, is good sex, and this was certainly one of those times!! We hope to have Gil back, because Sebastian got REAL excited and came way too quickly. We're hopeful to see both these boys with new and, better planned out partnerships in the future! Download the Full Video at
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